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I’m sharing this post because my friend posted it on Facbeook, and I thought the guy in the picture was cute.  I read the first three paragraphs, found them interesting, and then only read the 10 titles.

But here’s what I read that I had a thought for:

I wonder if our Christian culture at large tends to get fixated on romantic relationships, without remembering the other important relationships that God calls us into.

I think young, married Christians are so enthralled with their marriages because we’re so disconnected. I think young Christians are overcompensating in their devotion to marriage because they’re so fearful of divorce the generation before us made common. I think young Christians feel like they have to be as in love as they can possibly be. I think they feel like they need to at least be doing as much and loving as much as their other married Christians. And it just starts feeding itself. If married couples hang out with other married couples… but once a married couple is unavailable to hang out with the others, then everyone has to have a night in…

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I have so many feelings about this.  All gay men who are sexually active should be taking this pill.

To show my support & help end the stigma against Truvada, I almost want to start taking it when I start having sex with my parter.

Ugh.  People.  Don’t be stupid.  If you’re a sexually active gay man, take this.

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"If your conviction about who can or can’t marry who is stronger than your conviction that children should be fed, sheltered, and educated, you’re doing it wrong."

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"Jesus called us to feed the poor, not cross-examine the cook."

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"And then Christ said to His disciples, “Feed the hungry, cure the sick, and give to the poor. Unless, of course, that organization allows openly gay people to work for it—in which case the greater priority is to pull your financial support for those works and focus on condemning them—the sick, hungry, and poor will manage."

The Gospel of Conservative Americans (via thepotentiallyreverend)

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This is an insanely interesting idea.

Bring the LGBT refugees of the world to Detroit. And give them an opportunity to fix it up. If it’s one thing LGBT people know how to do, its gentrify a neighborhood.

It sounds crazy, but… I like crazy.

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You may have read somewhere that the Ugandan president’s daughter came out.  It’s not true.  It was published from a parody website like the Onion.

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Grace So Glorious is my JAM right now.

I don’t know how I feel about their church… but I know how I feel about the song, and it takes me places…

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Isn’t it nice how people twist their religious scripture to suit their weds but when it’s used against them it’s suddenly not okay

I talked to a monk about this quote once (we have mutual friends, and he came to a New Year’s Eve party at my shared art studio). He said this isn’t even talking about homosexuality. That the bible never actually says homosexuality is wrong. What that passage means is this:

Women were treated as subservient and it that you shouldn’t treat other men as subservient, like they are beneath you. It is not talking about homosexuality. If it was, it would say it outright since the bible lists other things outright.

I take the word of a monk who have studied the bible extensively more than a self proclaimed Christian.

The above text, I would like to point out is from the point of view of this translation of the original Hebrew. I spoke with my cousin’s rabbi on the matter and his response was different, saying that it was a mistranslation. See, the true translation says that a man shall not lie with another in the bed of a woman, which is to say, the Hebrews had a shit ton of rules about when a man was or was not allowed in a woman’s bed and private quarters (including, if she didn’t want you there, you weren’t allowed there. Hebrew women were also allowed to divorce their husbands and the image of the ‘oppressive Hebrew people’ is an image that was propogated by Christianity which, historically speaking, doesn’t treat the Jewish people too well and liked to paint them as being rather barbaric and backwards and cultish with their traditions, which, another piece of fun info, their traditions were one of the main reasons why the Jewish people were less likely, in medieval times, to die of the plague. Because washing your hands and avoiding the dead and vermin and the like was a lot of help. Of course the Christians persecuted them for not dying but that’s another matter. I’m sidetracked). So the verse is literally saying ‘Don’t fuck in some lady’s bed because that’s just goddamn rude’

Also, whenever a Christian brings the book of Leviticus up, you should feel free to point out that these are rules that were given to make the Hebrew people prepared for when the son of God came to earth. In Christianity, it’s believed the son of God was Jesus. So by following the rules set in Leviticus or pushing them as things we should follow, they’re saying that Jesus was not the son of God, and that Jesus did not, in fact, die for our sins. Jewish people believe, in their faith, that the son of God hasn’t yet been born, so many choose to follow these rules.

Most people of course roll their eyes when I explain the translation of the verse (full breakdown found here) but it’s always fun to point out the nature of the rules in Leviticus and the implications of following them. 

I’m a theology student and I am on the verge of crying because of how accurate this commentary is. Historical context is simultaneously the most interesting and most important part of interpreting any texts. 

Most religious people seem to base their beliefs on things that are severely mistranslated. I wish they would do their research before using the bible for hate.

I studied theology extensively and was going to become a theologist until I switched majors. The above commentary is 100% accurate and what I try to stress in a lot if conversations with Bible Thumpers.

Jesus also affirms the homosexual relationship between the Roman Centurion and his “slave”. The particular Greek word used to refer to this special slave was “pais”. Greek language studies and contexts show that a “pais” was a male love slave. Regular slaves were called “dolos”. The Centurion makes this distinction clearly when he asks Jesus to heal his slave (pais), and then to prove his status he tells Jesus that his slaves (dolos) go when he tells them to. But this slave (pais) was special. He was the Centurion’s lover.

Hearing this, Jesus was so amazed he says he had not found ANYONE ELSE who had such great faith. He then blesses the Centurion and heals his male lover.

Matthew 8:5-13


In short, the English adaptation is a mistranslated farce.

I spoke with a Friar who learned Biblical hebrew after he joined the seminary because he wanted to read the texts “in their original version”

Man, he was almost laughing when we started talking about the number of things that are misread today

Historical context ftw!!

"the English adaptation is a mistranslated farce"

Accurate commentary is accurate.

I wish I could fact check all the comments, but I just don’t want to.  So I’m reblogging with that caveat.

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Thanks, tumblr.  Rub it in

Thanks, tumblr.  Rub it in

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Treat yo’self, dudes.

(Also, my job is weird.)

LOL.  I love a good man date, so this is kinda sad to me.  What about straight boyfriend??

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Right now, I’m listening to some Brazilian singer’s music. It’s in Portuguese. It makes me want to go explore the world.

It makes me realize that there is so much of this world to experience.  I think about my city, and how much of it I’ve left unturned.  And then I think about this song and the culture and people it represents.  I haven’t even been to South America, much less learned any Portuguese.

We only have so much time to explore the world, and we don’t even really get to.

And it’s in this moment and in the very middle of this thought that I realize, “Eternity is going to be awesome.  Heaven is going to be awesome.”

There is so much beauty here on earth that I’ll never get to see or experience.  So many people that I will never get to appreciate.

But heaven!  Think about the places and the people!  And I have eternity—-billions of billions of years to explore and experience and connect.  Right? Like, I would finally have the time and the freedom to see for myself all of God’s great wonders.  Even if I am confined to exploring heaven, I know I could spend all of eternity searching it out and celebrating it all.

Because think about a perfect earth and having all freedom and all eternity to experience it.  There is so much richness here!  To be able to learn a hundred languages and experience cultures and people the world over!  What a beautiful thing.  And heaven should only be that much greater.

All that from listening to some random song that some Brazilian singer was belting out.  (He’s like a Jesus-lovin Bieber, too, btw.  He’s 14 and can kill it.  haha.)

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I’ve been listening to the iTunes preview for Elevation Worship’s new album Only King Forever, and it’s pretty phenomenal.  I’m really impressed.

So I go to do some reading about Elevation Worship, which then leads me to Elevation Church and then to Elevation’s pastor Steven Furtick.  And come to find out he built a $1.7 million house recently!  Even if all of the money he gets from speaking gigs and book sales are the only things funding this house (and not his church salary), $1.7 million is a little excessive.  But it’s not the money that gets me the most—-maybe property values and home values are really high in Charlotte.  Apparently, the house is 8,400 heated sq ft (and 16,000 total).  THAT is the part that bothers me.  That’s huge!  For a family of five.  For a pastor.

While I recognize that Steven is likely doing all he can to serve the gospel and give financially to his church and to global ministries… a million of his 1.7 million could have been used to fund his kids education, create a trust for them, whatever.  At least it’s not going to material things.

I love the idea of being hyper-generous.  Like, I’d love to be able to have a million dollars, and just say “I’d like to pay for your college education because I know you just got kicked out of your parents house for being gay.”  Or, “I’d like to pay for all of your groceries this month because you just moved here for a job and your spouse is still looking for a job.”

It’s not about supporting the deepest and most distressing needs.  It’s about seeing your friends and your family and your close community and going “I don’t need this excessive house.  And you’re doing okay.  But I have enough money that I can make it easier for you right now.”  What do y’all think?

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I really don’t like it when people deactivate their tumblr.  Like, what about all those beautiful interactions you had with people who still care about you?  Because let’s be honest… if you interacted with people, you let them in to your very soul.  This is tumblr.  We are open and vulnerable and let people see past the facade we’re so fastidious about in real life.

Sure, you may have done lots of reblogging.  But your particular curation—it touched someone.  It gained you followers who wanted to see the content you hand-picked to share with them.  For those of you who mostly created content, you showcased your creativity and your very soul.

It’s just… not the same without you.

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Oh well okay then

Good job Disney channel

WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!


LOOK.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL.  AND IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  They are the first gay couple on any child-targeted network.  And it was totally nonchalant.  Just a non-issue.  Here’s a slightly longer clip.

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